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our home

northwestview southview

view from northwest and view from south

district map

What does the German DOK number mean?

On the left you see the German Amateur Radio Districts in alphabetic order. Unfortunately this district borders have nothing to do with the federal state borders! Don´t ask me why! Additionally it exist the Z- district which members are spread over Germany. These members are employees of the German Telekom. The extra DOK´s are not regarded here. My local club belongs to the O- district, South-Westfalia. Bergkamen has the local chapter number 47 and therefore my
DOK is O47! Easy, isn´t it?
Geographical my qth is located 7°40'44" East and 51°37'16" North - corresponding to the Amateur Radio Locator JO31TO.

      How you will find my location:

Bergkamen map

Here you see the motorway intersection A1(north-south) and A2(west-east). Take the exit Hamm/Bergkamen (81) or Kamen/Bergkamen (15) .
street map

This is the street map of our housing estate. You will arrive it via the Werner Strasse (B233) or via Landwehrstrasse. Unfortunately instead of our street Kurzer Kamp "Hof Theiler" is presented. It doesn´t matter! You will see my antennas anyway!

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